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Account Planning in Salesforce


Rockstar sales reps know how to unlock revenue in big customers. Account Planning in Salesforce teaches you their secrets - what they know and how they do it.

In every large customer account there is hidden white space where you can sell your existing products to new divisions and sell more solutions to the same business units - identifying gaps and creating value for complete penetration across the account.

Account Planning in Salesforce will teach you how to supercharge your account plans within Salesforce, maximize revenue from key accounts, shorten sales cycles and increase productivity, using three core principles. Read Reviews.

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About the Author

Donal Daly, CEO of Altify

Donal Daly continues to revolutionize the sales effectiveness industry by introducing smart sales performance apps. A serial entrepreneur he is currently the CEO of Altify (The Future of The TAS Group) - the world leader in sales performance automation. Donal is an in demand speaker and writer and is author of four books including the bestselling Select Selling Sales Fieldbook and most recently Account Planning in Salesforce.


What Readers are Saying

"A must-read for all sales professionals working in a salesforce.com environment! Account Planning is a core sales skill that requires a disciplined approach and ongoing care and maintenance. The book not only teaches the ‘how,’ but ‘why’ proper Account Planning will drive bigger and stronger sales opportunities.”
Matthew L. Cox, Senior Director, Sales Strategy and Operations, Hewlett-Packard

“A practical guide that embraces the modern world of global Account Management with a refreshing balance of integrity, knowledge, expertise, and humor. Daly’s business acumen is evident as he clearly articulates what it takes to maximize revenue from Large Accounts. A must read and, dare I say it, an enjoyable read.”
Padma Rao, Director Sales Enablement, Akamai

“This book is a no-brainer for sales reps and sales executives who want to maximize revenue from large accounts. It’s filled with practical strategies you can implement right away.” 
Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

“Finally!!!....a book that describes the best practices of Account Planning, and offers practical steps to use the most popular Salesforce support technology to implement. I love the section on trust! Account Managers and Teams should read the book, apply the concepts, and benefit from the increased revenue and improved Account relationships that will result.” 
David Roberts, Assistant Professor, Sales Discipline at Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC

“Even a dyslexic, A.D.D., former CEO like me found it to be a compelling relevant read... Love the statistical back up... Practical and relevant... I’ve turned around over a dozen sales teams in my career and the content provided in this book is the basis for that success. Daly nailed it!” 
Ken Bado, former CEO, Marklogic and EVP, Autodesk

“All too often Account Planning is a once-a-year effort that gathers dust on the shelf. Use Donal Daly’s Account Planning in Salesforce to help transform this critical activity into a usable, customer-centric approach to growing loyal relationships all year long.” 
Bob Thompson, Founder / CEO, CustomerThink Corp.

“Donal’s unique combination of methodology expertise and smart software comes to life in this book. It is filled with priceless nuggets. If you want to operationalize Account Planning, this is the best roadmap I’ve seen. I encourage all sales professionals to follow it.” 
Carol Burch, former Global SVP, CRM Clear Vision Program, SAP

“Account planning must live and breathe as part of how you run your business. It needs to become part of your culture, and should be integrated into your overall business cadence. If you want to drive the right culture and cadence for Account Planning in your business, this book is a blueprint to start with.” 
Peter Jofriet, Director, Sales Excellence, Honeywell Process Solutions

Account Planning in Salesforce helps companies focus and collaborate on creating value for critical accounts, and Dealmaker Smart Account Manager is a critical component. We are excited to add the combination of the book and the software to the portfolio of sales enablement tools we support. If you use salesforce.com you should definitely read this book!” 
Walter Rogers, CEO, CloudCoaching International

“This is the only Account Management book I’ve seen that effectively maps methodology with technology, a critical weapon in the armory of today’s sales professional.” 
Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO, Selling Power

"While many authors only address one or the other, in this book Donal has addressed the intersection of both technology and methodology, the necessary mix of pragmatic principles of Account Planning coupled with the operation of CRM. The book brilliantly covers both the ‘what’ and the ‘how to.’ Whether you use Salesforce or any other CRM system, if you want to master Account Planning and maximize your personal performance, this book is a must read!” 
David Brock, President, Partners in Excellence

“Account Planning in Salesforce is a roadmap for successful Account Planning. Easy to read, full of crucial advice, it should be used by every Account Team selling to large customers. Strongly recommended.” 
Anne O’Leary, Executive Chairman, Kinematik

“We all know that focusing on the right customers, and only the right customers, unlocks sales success. But how many of us put this into practice? This book holds the key to maximizing revenue from your biggest customers, and guides you through making it a repeatable practice by integrating it with Salesforce. Don’t just read this book - use it as a playbook and then act!” 
York Baur, CEO, Windermere Solutions

“Sales people often confuse Account Planning with just having multiple opportunities in the same Account. Donal has ably demonstrated that the greatest win lies not in individual opportunities but in getting the overall Account Strategy right. This book clearly lays out a systematic way of planning, executing and tracking that strategy by leveraging technology as a true enabler. In this easy-to-follow book, Donal shows how it can be done.” 
John Golden, President & CEO, Huthwaite

“At Chasm Institute we’ve long promoted market development concepts that seem mirrored here in Donal’s Account Planning methodologies. Stand-alone, they are best-of breed. Integrated as a native Salesforce appliation they are killer. Account Planning in Salesforce will not only teach you The TAS Group’s methodologies... it is a practical, no-nonsense guide for leveraging your Salesforce investment. And, the classic rock music references are both amusing and useful!” 
Mark Cavender, Founder & Managing Director, Chasm Institute LLC

“The title of this book could have easily been Account Execution. In his book, Donal lays out a pragmatic approach that makes Account Plans actionable, leveraging the benefits of salesforce.com and providing a roadmap on how to harvest key client relationships for sustainable and repeatable revenue." 
Jim Ninivaggi, Service Director, SiriusDecisions

“I have to believe Donal had a blast writing this rich, insightful, and utterly practical book. He toggles back and forth among his roles as engineer, CEO, and salesperson, expertly providing the reader with what they need to understand about Account Management - especially the fact that it isn’t just a string of sales opportunities from the same customer, as many still think. This is an eye-opener and a must-read for anyone accountable for building long-term, mutually profitable relationships with key accounts.” 
Dave Stein, CEO & Founder, ES Research Group, Inc.