We know we think about sales call plans more than most. 

But we can’t help it – they’re such a critical part of the sales process and too often neglected.

Research says that buyers think that only 13% of sellers are adequately prepared for a sales call.

That may be why only 1 in 4 sales calls result in a follow-up meeting.

To make every sales call matter, your team has to be prepared. They must have the 
most up-to-date details on the prospect and the opportunity and a strategy to 
progress. And, because many sales calls happen in the field, it is better if you can 
access your smart sales call plan on your phone. 

At The TAS Group, we’re committed to helping you nail this critical part of your healthy sales ecosystem. Having a game plan that outlines the outcomes and everyone’s role in a sales call 
yields a stronger result.

Get Sales Call Smart. On your commute. Listen to our podcast.